2020-2023 Editorial Advisory Board: Meet New Board Member Robert Graup

The 2020-2023 version of MoldMaking Technology's EAB features a new crew of 12 industry professionals. Here's one of them.


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man at machine

Robert Graup, ​​​​​​toolroom manager for Intex Tooling Technologies of Ontario, Canada, is one of MMT’s new Editorial Advisory Board Members.  

The next member of our new Editorial Advisory Board is Robert Graup.

Robert joins MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Advisory Board with almost 40 years in mold manufacturing and 10 years of plastics processing experience. He is a seasoned tool room manager skilled in plastic injection tooling, engineering, product development, business planning, sales and entrepreneurship.

When Robert was a kid, a family friend who worked in the tooling industry identified his talent for working with his hands and creating things. He also played a large role in getting Robert into the trade, as well as his first job. Right out of high school in 1981 at the age of 18, he started as an apprentice, and when he turned 22, he became a licensed moldmaker in the province of Ontario, Canada.

For 11 years, Robert honed his skills while being mentored and trained in all aspects of moldmaking, as well business matters and customer relations. He purchased the company in 1992 when the owner announced his retirement, but 12 years later, Robert sold the company and joined a larger corporation as assistant general manager. Here, he managed several tooling and molding companies until he joined Intex Tooling Technologies in 2015 as the shop floor supervisor. He was quickly promoted to tool room manager.

In 2019, Robert became the general manager at Intex Tooling and today continues to oversee operations including P&L, vision, investment strategies, market trends, continuous improvement and customer relations. He also is committed to empowering and mentoring department managers for success.

Incorporated in 2012, Intex is a Canadian tooling supplier headquartered 30 miles north of Toronto in Aurora, Ontario, and housed in a 35,000-square-foot facility with more than 25 employees. The team uses the latest engineering systems and manufacturing principles from initial product development through the final tool build. Quality control is at the core of this shop’s fully integrated approach. The starting point is knowledge, but after adding experience, a proven process and unparalleled product development capabilities, Intex has a full-service advanced engineering team who is committed to success.

Robert will share his knowledge and experience with MoldMaking Technology on topics related to business challenges, software, culture, shop floor/process/workflow, equipment, mold materials, mold components, training and workforce development, as well as global competition. He hopes to develop a network of people who share the same passion for the plastics industry through his participation on the board. He is also excited to share his knowledge and experience.

Robert enjoys his cottage with family and friends in his free time.