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Apprentices at Franchino Mold and Engineering

Revamped Staffing Plan Doubles Franchino Mold Team
This builder of injection molds and die cast dies has doubled the number of its employees over the last eight years, boasts an average age of 44 and has 18 apprentices.

2018 MMT EAB member Ryan Pohl of Praeco Skills LLC

Recruiting and Retaining Millennials: It Starts with "Why?"
MoldMaking Technology editorial advisory board member Ryan Pohl of Praeco Skills LLC says that “why” a professional would choose moldmaking as a career has changed.

EAB members, MMT editors and GBM staff at dinner in Rosemont, Illinois

Editorial Guidelines: Editorial Advisory Board
The Editorial Advisory Board of MoldMaking Technology is made up of authorities with expertise within their respective business, industry, technology and profession. Their role is to advise on timely issues, trends, advances in the field, offer editorial thought and direction, review and comment on specific articles and generally act as a sounding board and a conscience for the publication.

graphic for workforce development column in MoldMaking Technology

Throwback Thursday: Apprentice Training - Setting Expectations
This week’s TBT shows why expectations for employee work habits should be established with each new hire on the first day of work and then followed up on in regular meetings.

Apprentice Training - Work Ethic and Attitude

Throwback Thursday: Apprentice Training - Work Ethic and Attitude
Work ethic and a positive attitude. These are the unsung “hero traits” of moldmaking employers everywhere today. I understand from firsthand experience where today’s Throwback Thursday author is coming from.

Young machinist at CNC machine.

Throwback Thursday: Skills Center: Apprentice Training - Shop Safety
It’s never a bad time to revisit features that remind us of the importance of safety in a shop environment.

Engineer training three apprentices on a CNC machine

Apprentice Training: Related Technical Instruction
Ryan Pohl presents a review of important classes for Related Technical Instruction (RTI) that will establish a robust apprenticeship program.

Moldmakers Choose Different Pathways to Workforce Development
Mold manufacturing companies share their strategies, the challenges they face and their commitment to training the next generation of makers.

Apprentice Training: Metallurgy
Metallurgy for mold materials for tool and die apprentices should cover mining, furnaces, properties, testing, alloying, processing, classification and heat treatment.

Training on the Plastics Side of Moldmaking
There are specific topics on the plastics side of moldmaking that should be covered in a training program.

EAB member Ryan Pohl

2017 Editorial Advisory Board: Ryan Pohl
The 2017 installment of MoldMaking Technology's EAB features a new crew of 10 industry professionals. Ryan Pohl is one of them.

Machinist at a surface grinder

Apprentice Training Series: Manual Machining
Manual, in-depth machine training instills critical skills in innovation and problem solving.

Skills Center: Apprentice Training—Work Rules
These work rules clear up any confusion about what it really takes to be successful in the trades for new employees.

3D object in box

Skills Center: Apprentice Training - Print Reading
By offering a good print-reading class with the following components as part of your apprenticeship program, you can help apprentices develop skills for visually communicating an idea or problem.


Apprentice Training - Precision Inspection and Measurement
Here are some basic principles concerning inspection and measurement to take into account when developing your related technical instruction (RTI) plan.

Skills Center: Apprentice Training - Shop Math
Older workers insist on the need for more in-depth shop math, while the younger generation says that extensive use of computers in design and CAM make it unnecessary. Both are correct.

Skills Center: Apprentice Training - Setting Expectations
Expectations for employee work habits should be established with each new hire on the first day of work and then followed up on in regular meetings.

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