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As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Use 3D CFD Analysis to Achieve the Right Conformal Cooling Design
Moldmakers must look beyond heat sink simulation and use 3D CFD analysis to achieve the right conformal cooling design.

MGS Donates Tech Education Facilities
Sponsorship supporting Technology and Engineering education program for area students.

MGS Expands Product Development Offering
MGS has expanded its new product development and rapid tooling solutions.

Summary of Mexico plastics industry information

Statistics Uphold Mexico’s Importance in Plastics Industry
Did you know that Mexico is the world’s second largest importer of molds and tools?

a SLA hand shown on the platform in a SLA machine

Top-Viewed Articles on MMT
Click through the slideshow to see which topics have been of particular interest to the MMT community over the years.

Michelle Cipkar

Women Impacting Moldmaking
Honoring female thinkers, organizers and relationship builders who are influencing our industry’s future.

Derek Murphy

Murphy Joins MGS as New CFO
New Chief Financial Officer, Derek Murphy, joins MGS' team.

accede mold and tool

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Plastec West, MD&M West
I'll be headed to Plastec West and MD&M West in Anaheim next week, so I thought I'd share some of the booths I'll be visiting to learn more about the technology being highlighted.

Moldmaker’s Offerings Serve Healthcare Market
Although MGS Mfg. Group also serves the electronics, automotive and consumer products industries, the company will showcase its capabilities specific to the healthcare market at MD&M West, February 7-9, in Anaheim, California.

MGS Merges Equipment Groups
MGS Mfg. Group, Inc., a global provider of optimized manufacturing solutions for high precision plastic products, has merged its two equipment groups – MGS Automation and Universal Multishot™ Systems – under one roof.

You Made That?
On October 7, more than 65 attendees, including students, teachers, counselors, parents and others, enjoyed a firsthand look at what manufacturing IS today versus what it’s not.

 Darin Von-Asten (on left), MGS sampling process technician, and Kevin Klotz, MGS senior project engineer for simulation services

Experimenting with 3D Printing
Evaluating the use of this technology will help you determine where to make the smartest investments.

Advanced Technologies Include In-Mold Assembly
MGS Mfg. Group will demonstrate several advanced manufacturing technologies, including in-mold assembly, multi-shot tooling/molding/equipment, automation systems, comprehensive process simulation and turnkey manufacturing systems.

Is it Time to Add Molding Capabilities?
When working with MGS Mfg. Group on March's "A Modern Moldmaking Trend" feature, which examines what it actually takes to add molding capabilities (whether for sampling or production molding), the discussion lead to some questions every shop should ask first.

Manufacturing Cell to Demonstrate In-Mold Assembly
MGS Mfg. Group will present several technologies, including demonstrating a three-shot in-mold-assembled closure/cap manufacturing cell.

injection molding machines

A Modern Moldmaking Trend
Moldmakers continue to pursue adding processing capabilities—whether for sampling or production molding. One shop’s journey spells out all the required investments.

multiple component manufacturing cell

Systems Engineering Meets Moldmaking
A combination of systems engineering and systems integration approaches improves communication, which yields better mold manufacturing overall.

Jeff Kolbow

MGS MFG Group Executive Management Update
MGS Mfg. Group, with corporate headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin, announced the naming of Jeffrey Kolbow as President and Paul Manley as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

MGS Mfg. Multi-shot Technologies Suited for Medical, Packaging Industries
In Booth 1267, MGS Mfg. Group will exhibit part samples, videos and animations illustrating multi-shot (multiple material) tooling, molding and equipment technologies for the medical and packaging industries.

Common Keys to Success
The first two shops I’ve visited as an editor for MoldMaking Technology have made major strides in implementing automation. They’ve also expanded their range of capabilities to cover more than just tooling.

Product Categories of MGS Mfg. Group

EDM Services
Injection Molds
Machining Services
Mold Design Services
Prototype Tooling Services
Prototype/Short-run/Injection Molding Services
Sampling/Mold Tryout Services