You Made That?

On October 7, more than 65 attendees, including students, teachers, counselors, parents and others, enjoyed a firsthand look at what manufacturing IS today versus what it’s not.


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Students get a close-up look at the MGS Mfg. Group's toolroom during a Manufacturing Day tour.


“You made that?” was a frequent reaction from high school students who were welcomed into MGS Mfg Group Inc.’s Germantown, Wisconsin, manufacturing plant for an eye-opening tour in honor of Manufacturing Day, which was October 7. More than 65 attendees, to be exact, including the students, teachers, counselors, parents and MGS business partners, enjoyed a firsthand look at what manufacturing IS today versus what it’s not.

This isn’t the first time MGS has opened its doors for such an event, as it’s an ongoing quest to spread the word about the exciting apprenticeship programs the company offers that can lead to rewarding careers.

“It was a huge success! Our goal with events like these is always community outreach and education,” Amy Schermetzler, MGS’ Executive Administrative Assistant, said. Amy was among the employees who led the student tours. “We want to connect with students and educators to talk about manufacturing and the many different career options the industry offers. Anytime I can spend moments connecting with kids and sharing my love of the industry is time well spent for me.” Feel her energy and excitement? Me, too.

Amy told me that many students and teachers remarked about the cleanliness of the facility, and were very impressed with the caliber of equipment being used. “Most students had no idea how much a mold or the injection molding machines and automation equipment might cost. You could see they were very blown away by the amount of money that goes into making plastic parts,” Amy said. Our newest cleanroom was also a big hit with the students and they were very interested in learning about healthcare molding.” 

I hope before the month is out I’ll hear about more moldmaking companies that have hosted Manufacturing Day events (send me some photos at least!). Kudos to those who have, and keep it up!