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Across The Bench

Published on 1/1/2004

In this new column, real world mold maintenance issues are discussed and tips to competing in a fast-paced environment are given.


Across the Bench - Creating a Repair Plan

Published on 4/1/2004

The last shot is the most important key to insuring accurate mold repair.


Across the Bench: Let the Run Begin

Published on 3/1/2004

Setup checklists, verifications and injection mold layout sheets are critical factors in the beginning of the mold process.


Across the Bench - The Plan Comes Together

Published on 5/1/2004

The repair sheet is critical to the success of any mold repair plan.


Across the Bench - Let's Get To Work!

Published on 6/1/2004

The vertical and horizontal position methods used to separate mold plates each have advantages and disadvantages.


Across the Bench: One-Man Solution

Published on 2/1/2004

A tool specifically designed to make tooling removal a quick, safe, one-person job helps moldmakers get jobs done quickly and efficiently.


Across the Bench: Troubleshooting Defects: Part I

Published on 8/1/2004

Using analytical skills based on historical mold performance and maintenance requirements, combined with mold and part defect data determines probable causes and corrective actions.


Throwback Thursday: The Black Art

Published on 1/26/2017

With my mold maintenance champion returning to the pages of MMT next month with his new "Maintenance Matters" series, I thought I'd revisit the start of his original series with us back in 2004.


Joint Presentation Covers Mold Performance Troubleshooting

Published on 5/28/2018

Beaumont’s AIM Institute and MoldTrax team up to present Proactive Strategies to Troubleshoot Mold Performance Issues.


SPE Announces its 2014 Mold Designer of the Year at amerimold

Published on 6/27/2014

For his dedication to the moldmaking industry and for being a great leader and role model, Steve Johnson was selected and recognized as the 2014 Mold Designer of the Year for the Mold Making and Mold Design Division of SPE at amerimold 2014.

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