Vise Solutions are Compact to Facilitate Higher Machining Accuracy

Röhm’s compact RZM Centric Vise and RKE NC-Compact Vise clamping system have specially designed features that reduce interferences.


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Röhm has several robust vise solutions. According to the company, the vises contribute significantly to higher accuracy in five-axis machining. The compact RZM Centric Vise features clamping jaws positioned relatively high and a horizontal spindle situated at the top of the vise and closer to the jaws for stability. The jaws are shorter and complement the vise’s overall compact height of only 7.7" to keep interference to a minimum. Röhm’s special double jaw-guidance system ensures precision positioning.

The RKE NC-Compact Vise clamping system optimizes high working accuracy in CNC machining centers. The vise has a solid steel body with its contact surfaces and guides that are hardened and ground on all sides. According to Röhm, the RKE NC-Compact Vise offers excellent chip discharge with fewer interfering contours. The vise’s protective caps and dirt protectors prevent chips from penetrating the inside of the vise body.