Technology Combines Processes for Strong, Lightweight Components

Originally titled 'Technology Combines Processes for Strong, Lightweight Components'
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Krauss Maffei's FiberForm technology in an injection molding machine enables the production of fiber-reinforced plastic components.


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KraussMaffei presents its FiberForm technology and the GXW 450-2000/1400 multi-component injection molding machine cell featuring swivel plate technology at NPE2018. The company is in booth W403 in the West Hall. The FiberForm process combines the thermoforming of organo sheets and injection molding into a single process. This process results in fiber-reinforced plastic components that are particularly lightweight yet feature a high level of strength. KraussMaffei says that FiberForm is a high-strength, lightweight metal replacement for the automotive industry. The machine will be running a center armrest part, with Proper Tooling providing the mold for the exhibit.

The company describes the process as an ideal combination of thermoforming and injection molding and says that it is a one-step procedure for using an integrated reshaping process in the mold. The company says the technology has short cycle times and the capability of handling large industrial quantities.


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