Synthetic Dielectric Fluid Increases Conductivity

Hirschmann Engineering introduces a dielectric fluid that uses satellite electrodes to increase electrical conductivity and act as an insulator in the spark gap.


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At Amerimold 2018, Hirschmann Engineering has IonoPlus 3000-US, which offers the only dielectric fluid enriched with chemical satellite electrodes. The satellite electrodes increase the electrical conductivity in the spark gap, which decreases the ionization time. This increases metal removal rates in roughing, semi-finishing and finishing using the same settings, the company says.

Once electronically charged, these satellites also act as insulators in the spark gap, protecting the electrode against the bombardment of the eroded particles. This results in lower wear ratios and sharper detail. According to the company, the fluid is produced through a custom blending process and was developed after years of research on improving the overall performance of EDM machines with emphasis on safety to humans and the environment.