Micro-Injection Molding Machine Direct Gates Small Parts

Originally titled 'Micro-Injection Molding Machine Direct Gates Small Parts'

MHS says that the M3 is the only dedicated micro-injection molding machine capable of producing small, direct-gated plastic parts on a large scale.

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At NPE2018, MHS launches a new generation of its M3 micro-injection molding machine, a production cell for direct gating small and micro-sized plastic parts.The new model of the electro-pneumatic molding cell is called the M3-D08. MHS says that it is the only dedicated micro-injection molding machine capable of producing small, direct-gated plastic parts on a large scale. MHS says it is important to note that the M3 is not restricted to micro parts. The M3 has enough clamp force and shot volume to produce larger small parts and also has the ability to expand the number of parts produced on one machine.

The M3 can produce high-quality, direct-gated parts without creating wasted cold runner material or incurring the need for secondary processes. The machine has quick cycle times (generally ranging from 46 seconds, depending on the part) for small parts that range from 0.0010.400 g. This results in substantial savings especially when molding highly valuable plastics such as PEEK or bioabsorbables. The M3 can direct gate parts as small as 0.001 g with a fine Ø 0.5-mm gate. The M3 has production outputs of as many as 60 million direct-gated plastic parts per year. MHS says that the machine is capable of fast, cost-effective prototype molding and low-volume molding. The M3 has the ability to produce two different part designs with each shot, each with different part weights. The patented ISOKOR injection technology improves the part quality and consistency of each part, reduces melt-residence time and protects resin morphology. The M3 is easy to move with leveling castors and has integrated automation featuring standard touch-less parts-handling and take-out. MHS says that the M3 has user-friendly machine controls, a large touch-screen interface and secure cloud access. Cleanroom options are available for this product.


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