Injection-Blow Tooling System Reduces Labor, Improves Quality

Originally titled 'Injection-Blow Tooling System Reduces Labor, Improves Quality'

Liberty IBM System is said to overcome long-standing limitations of injection-blow tooling.

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R&D/Leverage has the Liberty IBM system on display at NPE2018 in booth S32079. It uses patented technology to overcome the challenges of conventional IBM tooling. R&D/Leverage filed its 15th IBM-related patent this year, as its solutions keep evolving to make better injection-blow tooling.

A major improvement of the Liberty IBM System is said to be its ability to achieve thermal isolation between the neck insert and the shoulder of the bottle. Unlike traditional IBM tools that use key stock and all-thread to locate and clamp the mold inserts onto the die set, the Liberty IBM System uses dowels to locate the mold inserts. This allows gaps to be designed between the mold inserts, which negate the effects of accumulated horizontal thermal expansion across the injection mold inserts.

The Liberty System also incorporates a new, patent-pending Self-Alignment System that is said to ensure optimal cavity alignment in the parison and blow stations. These new technologies reportedly allow fast and trouble-free startups, improved bottle quality, and reduced tool wear. The new system can be designed to change out damaged cavities without removing the tool from the machine.

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