Hot-Runner System Has Screw-In Nozzle for Leak Protection

Originally titled 'Hot-Runner System Has Screw-In Nozzle for Leak Protection'

Hasco’s H4016/ hot-runner system has a screw-in nozzle that ensures leak-free operation.

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The new, fully assembled and wired hot runner system H4016/ supplements Hasco’s extensive range of ready-to-install systems and hot halves. Hasco says that the robust, form-fit connection between the hot runner manifold and the screw-in nozzle guarantees leak-free operation and significantly facilitates the mounting and removal of the system as a whole in the injection mold.

The connector cables for the individual nozzles and the hot runner pass through individually configured cable ducts to the connection box where they are wired up according to the customer’s specifications. Hasco says that this saves the moldmaker or injection molder from having to connect up the system and ensures a smooth start to production. The correct allocation of the zones to the manifold heating units and nozzles is documented on a dimension sheet and in a special test report.  The system layout facilitates mounting and removal and prevents any damage to the hot runner system when the mold is being serviced. Attachment points on the manifold mean that it can be readily lifted out of the cavity, avoiding any distortion of the system when it is tilted during installation or removal.

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