External Position of Side-Mounted Cylinder Eases Maintenance

Originally titled 'External Position of Side-Mounted Cylinder Eases Maintenance'
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If the side-mounted cylinders from HRSflow require maintenance, the maintenance technician can easily repair them without disassembling the mold.

HRSflow developed a new solution for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders that does not require cooling. HRSflow says that its side-mounted cylinder optimizes shutdown during the injection process, improving time and costs. Placed laterally and the border of the mold, the side-mounted cylinder uses the same lever and extension to move the pin as HRSflow’s Flexflow hot-runner technology (a servo-driven valve-gate system) for accurate and flexible control of the process.

Since the side-mounted cylinder is placed far from the manifold area, cooling configuration for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders is not required, ensuring high performance of the hot-runner systems and reliability from the components. And, because the cooling connections are totally removed, the pipe layout is simplified considerably. HRSflow says that because of the special external position of the side-mounted cylinder, maintenance is simple, convenient and safe. If cylinders require maintenance, the maintenance technician can easily repair them without disassembling the mold. If the hot-runner system requires maintenance, the user can repair it by removing the manifolds from the leverages and leaving the cylinders installed on the plate.


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