CVD-Coated Cutters Enhance Steel Turning Performance

Tungaloy’s new T9225 insert grade complements the T9200 CVD Grade Series for steel turning.


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Tungaloy’s new T9225 insert grade is joining the previously released T9125 to complement the T9200 CVD grade series for steel turning.

According to the company, of all P25 grades available on the market T9225 brings an exceptional combination of wear resistance and edge toughness to every steel turning application. These properties of T9225 are attained by three primary technologies, including an extremely wear resistant Al2O3 coating in a thick and uniformly aligned layer, ultra-hard ceramics for the outermost layer, and PremiumTec, Tungaloy’s exclusive, post-surface treatment technology for stable machining. These make T9225 a versatile steel turning grade effective in a wide range of applications, ensuring long tool life and stable performance for improved productivity.


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