SPE Recognizes Fellows at Antec 2019

At March’s Antec 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, 12 Fellows will be recognized for contributions to their field. 


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At March’s SPE Antec 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, 12 Fellows will be recognized. These members are being honored for contributions in the field of plastics engineering, science or technology. Only 340 members have received this title since it was introduced in 1984.

The honorees include: 

  • Dr. Abdellah Ajji
  • Professor Stephen H. Carr
  • Donna S. Davis
  • Professor Rakesh K. Gupta
  • Dr. Thomas W. Haas
  • Dr. Christian Hopmann
  • Dr. Ying (Lora) Liang
  • Professor Jan-Anders E. Mansson
  • Professor Amar Mohanty
  • Dr. Maria del Pilar Noriega
  • Dr. John Perdikoulias
  • Dr. Hsinjin Edwin Yang

For more information or to register please go to to the society’s website.

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