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Makino Announces Online Seminar Schedule for 2014

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Makino Announces Online Seminar Schedule for 2014


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Makino is pleased to announce its current roster of online seminars for 2014. The schedule includes a variety of new technology and processing techniques for improved speed, accuracy and part quality ideal for growing North American manufacturers.

“The North American manufacturing industry continues to grow, especially in the automotive and aerospace markets,” said Mark Rentschler, marketing manager at Makino. “The webinars that we have scheduled for the first half of 2014 have new thinking in a variety of machining processes to help manufacturers be as efficient as possible. From information on tool costs and productivity to 5-axis and unattended machining and an IMTS show preview, attendees will gain the experience necessary to make them more globally competitive.”

Since its inception, the Makino online seminar series has broadcast over 135 events with thousands of attendees. Each online seminar consists of a 20- to 30-minute presentation and a live Q&A session with the speaker. Registration is required to attend, but all seminars are presented free of charge. A full schedule is available at www.makino.com/resources/webinars.

Makino plans to add more online seminar topics throughout the year and post them at www.makino.com/resources/webinars upon announcement. For an archive of Makino online seminars, visit makino.com/library.

2014 Online Seminar Schedule
January 23 – Tool Costs vs. Productivity in Hard Metals
What is the point of extended tool life if your process times are so slow your part costs are not competitive? How far can you push tools to get the most productivity in hard metals and yet best use the machine while controlling your tool costs? Where is that break-even point? This webinar intends to address cutting titanium and the tool cost per cubic inch of material removed, along with the total part cycle time required and the resulting cost of the operation of the machine. With the right machine, cutting strategies and tool selection, you can achieve both efficient production and overall cost control. Register now.

February 20 – New Technology to Reduce Wire EDM Part Cycle Times While Improving Quality
This webinar demonstrates Makino’s new HyperCut wire EDM technology and how it can save significant cycle time while generating a superior surface finish. Actual results are going to be demonstrated in a variety of materials, workpiece types and with test results from one-, two-, three- and four-pass machining. Sealed and poor flush conditions are also going to be reviewed. Numerous wire EDM conditions and part examples are to be covered in this webinar. Register now.

March 13 – Machining a Wide Variety of Materials and Part Sizes Demands a New Approach
Today’s job shop requires production flexibility. The ability to efficiently machine a wide variety of parts and materials including stainless steel, aluminum and titanium on a single machine provides a competitive advantage, especially for larger parts. Makino has developed a new 5-axis machine with a unique kinematic structure and exceptionally versatile spindle that helps overcome these manufacturing challenges. Understand how to obtain the flexibility and productivity you need for any shape or type of material, giving you a quoting and processing advantage in today’s growing manufacturing markets. Register now.

April 10 – Unattended Machining Techniques for Die/Mold Applications
Unattended machining is essential to be competitive in the manufacturing of molds and dies. This webinar focuses on the enabling technologies and operational techniques to run with confidence unattended. Automatic tool length measurement, tool life monitoring, spindle load monitoring and the systems needed to anticipate and prevent tool breakage are all going to be covered. Register now.

May 15 – EDM Hole Drilling: Oil vs. Water
Learn about different EDM hole-drilling technologies and the impact on performance, accuracy and quality between oil and water dielectric systems. Hole size, entry and exit conditions, speed and L-to-D ratio determine which system provides the superior solution. Several different technologies and systems are going to be reviewed that match the requirements of the EDM drilling application. Register now.

June 12 – Effects of Thermal Changes in Die/Mold Applications
Many machine tool manufacturers address the generation of heat during long machining operations in different ways. Some are far more effective than others. In this webinar, you are going to learn about unique technologies designed to address the challenges of thermal growth on die and mold machining applications. Specific data and test results demonstrate the effects of thermal growth and its impact on work surfaces and how it can be managed and controlled to ensure accuracy and finish. Register now.

July 24 – 5-Axis Automation
Automation is essential for North American manufacturers to compete globally. Makino is introducing a simple, flexible robot system for 4- and 5-axis horizontal machining centers that can be installed quickly and facilitates numerous part families. Learn how to implement cost-effective automated part loading and unloading of complex 5-axis parts. Register now.

August 14 – IMTS 2014 Preview
Makino plans to bring an incredible array of high-performance machine technologies to IMTS 2014 in Chicago. Learn about new machines, automation systems, part demonstrations, unique displays, technical presentations and new technologies that are sure to improve your manufacturing performance and profitability. Register now.