1/25/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Hoffmann Group Wins the German Design Award 2019

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Three Garant products were honored for high-quality design.


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The Hoffmann Group has won the German Design Award. The Garant ToolCar roller cabinet from the GridLine series and the Garant magnet measuring stand won within the Workshop and Tools category. The Garant cross-cut saw with cross ground also received a Special Mention. All three products impressed the international jury with its design.

The different modules on the ToolCar enable users to create a set-up tailored to their needs—an optional power supply with Schuko sockets delivers electricity for power tools; protectors shield components from damage; perforated panels and LED lamps enable this product to be used as a versatile work station. An ergonomic two-component handle enables the ToolCar to be moved easily and quickly from place to place, and a central locking system interlocks the drawers and side compartments.

The magnet measuring stand features a hydraulic central lock as well as a rubberized handwheel for even fixing of all joints. According to the jury, its high-quality design fulfills expectations of precision and quality, while running smoothly and comfortably during operation.

The cross-cut saw was the third product to win the German Design Award 2019. The folding saw features an ergonomic two-component handle which fits in the hand, enabling optimal torque transmission. The cross-cut saw with trapezoidal teeth positioning has a resistant thin layer coating to reduce friction and sawdust adhesion, which makes the saw especially suitable for quick, straight cuts.


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