Cavalier Tool Design India Celebrates First Birthday

Cavalier Tool &Manufacturing’s India support office celebrates its one-year anniversary.


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Cavalier Tool &Manufacturing’s India support office celebrates its one-year anniversary and expands Cavalier’s ability to deliver on its promise to design and build a quality mold, on time and at a competitive price.

In 2017, the company connected with a design firm out of India with North American offices. A few months in, President Brian Bendig decided to set up a single, dedicated point of contact within Cavalier to direct efforts in India. Adrian Dixon joined the Cavalier team with a decade of experience in running design and build resources in both India and China.

By early 2018, Dixon and Cavalier’s Engineering Manager Chris Vander Park, successfully launched Cavalier Tool Design India (CTI). The design house is run with Cavalier employees and managed by Director Vijay Kumar. The India office is now run through the newly created “Support to Engineering” department headed by Dixon. Design files are worked on jointly by both offices, fully integrated into Cavalier’s North American engineering department, seamlessly working in NX and Cimatron software. CTI provides services to estimating, program management as well as engineering; incorporating MoldFlow capabilities and providing DFM and feasibility studies.

In March 2019, Dixon, Bendig and General Manager Brenda Quint celebrated CTI’s the first birthday of CTI on a trip to India.