Beaumont, Roctool Partner to Showcase Injection Molding Technology Expertise

Beaumont’s mission is to improve the injection molding industry as a whole. Aligning itself with companies pushing the envelope, like Roctool, is the first step.


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Alex Beaumont (vice president) and John Ralston (president) with a molding machine equipped with Roctool's technology.

Alex Beaumont (vice president) and John Ralston (president) with a molding machine equipped with Roctool's technology. Photo Credit: Beaumont Technologies

Technology companies in the plastic injection molding industry, Beaumont Technologies (Erie, Pennsylvania) and Roctool (France), are teaming up to provide organizations with the opportunity to evaluate and learn more about Roctool’s heating and cooling technology. Beaumont’s headquarters in Pennsylvania will now serve as Roctool’s North American Technology Demonstration and Trial Center.

“We are excited about the opportunity to showcase Roctool’s advanced heating and cooling technology along with our collection of industry technologies and solutions at headquarters,” states Alex Beaumont, vice president at Beaumont. “Our mission at Beaumont is to improve our industry as a whole and to do this we need to continue to align ourselves with companies pushing the envelope to do so. We see Roctool as one of those companies and we look forward to seeing what we can do together.”

Beaumont and Roctool will be collaborating on a variety of projects including utilizing Beaumont’s in-house material characterization resources to feed the simulation of Roctool systems. According to Beaumont, this will enable the company to provide the quickest and most accurate simulation results possible. Further, both companies note that combining the two strong process development teams to bring the simulation results to fruition will ensure the delivery of a fully optimized production system for nearly any application.

“We are incredibly happy to team up with Beaumont,” Mathieu Boulanger, Roctool’s CEO, adds. “This partnership is critical for Roctool, as Beaumont is a key player in the world of injection molding with technical skills. With this combined effort, we can now offer a top-notch molding environment to both our current and new customers, including demonstration, trial capabilities and additional engineering services.”

Companies with interest will have the opportunity to come to Beaumont and see Roctool’s capabilities running live. A fleet of molds is currently available for material characterization and immediate trial needs. In the future, the site will also host industry-focused open houses to help companies further evaluate not only Roctool but also many other cutting-edge technologies and solutions Beaumont has created or aligned themselves with.   

Learn more about Beaumont’s engineering and manufacturing services for injection molding, and about Roctool’s heating and cooling technology on the company’s websites.