Bales Updates In-House Lab Capabilities

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Bales Metal Surface Solutions brings testing for plating-bath control operations in-house at its Downers Grove, Illinois, headquarters.

Bales Metal Surface Solutions recently enhanced the capabilities of its in-house lab, bringing the testing for plating-bath control operations into its Downers Grove, Illinois, headquarters to provide more efficient tank analysis. Bales upgraded the lab equipment to allow for automated titration of the plating baths and acquired two atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) machines, giving Bales the ability to analyze impurities and implement corrections within the same day. Bales also expanded the lab team with a dedicated lab assistant who plays a crucial role in maintaining the plating bath tanks.

Jaime Santiago, lab manager, is excited for the opportunity to have highly accurate analysis as an in-house capability. “With our new equipment and processes, we are better able to track impurities. Our scheduled sampling will keep all of our process tanks optimized, to better support our customers and their plating needs.”


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