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How to Use a Conformally Cooled Sprue Bushing to Reduce Cycle Time and Ease Cost Pressures

Use of a new conformally cooled sprue bushing helped solve Midwest Mold Services’ problem with a big sprue that was hard to cool and preventing faster ejection times.


Unique Five-Axis CAM Programming Helps Moldmaker Meet Strict Specs

When it comes to hard milling and tough surface finish requirements, X-Cell Tool finds one CAM software’s approach answers the call for perfection.

Design & Mfg. Software

Mold Design Software Empowers Moldmaker’s Teams by Giving Accessibility and Visibility

VISI CAD/CAM connects Innovative Mold Inc. shop and engineering teams by providing real-time communications about work in progress. 

Inspection & Measurement

Encoders, Flow Regulators and Stabilizing Cylinders Make Mold Spotting More Efficient, Precise and Cost-Effective

For complex molds, Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing counts its advanced spotting press among its most valued pieces of shop-floor equipment.

Maintenance & Repair

Laser Welder Delivers Big on Time and Cost Savings for Small Repairs

Laser welder’s ergonomic design and functionality makes small repairs faster and easier for United Tool and Mold Inc.


Multitasking Machining Centers Double Throughput, Cut Costs

Purchasing one, then two more, multitasking machining centers has transformed the way Concours Mold Inc. builds molds.

Inspection & Measurement

Inspection/Measurement Software Helps Hyatt Die Cast and Engineering Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiency and Quality

Hyatt Die Cast and Engineering Reduces Manufacturing Costs While Increasing Efficiency and Quality with Integrated Inspection/Measurement Software.


Heidenhain TNC Controls Streamline Mold Manufacturing and Global Connectivity

Five-axis machines with the right controls are a key part of a connected system that yields better, faster work.

Mold Components

Coupler Lends Easy, Reliable Solution to Quick Mold Change

A coupler helps provide a faster, more reliable way to tie positive return ejection into a mold.


CNC Machining Cell with Robot Elevates Production and Savings

Cooper Tires speeds tire-mold production with advanced CNC machining and automation technologies.


CNC Deep-Hole Drilling with Milling Transforms 2D Machining

Midwest Mold Services dramatically reduced costs and lead times with investment in new multitasking CNC machine.

Mold Materials

Linear Motor Drive on Sinker EDM Machine Speeds Productivity

Linear motor technology in a sinker EDM machine enables Action Mold and Engineering to burn faster, more efficiently and more economically with minimal maintenance.

Mold Steel Composition Streamlines Moldmaking Process

A mold material’s performance characteristics, like uniform hardness and dimensional stability, enabled Dramco Tool Co. Inc. to build a compression mold faster and more economically.

Surface Treatment

Determination and Skill Save Critical Micro-Mold Cavity

Team 1 Plastics Inc. found a new supplier “soul mate” in Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales (Wauconda, Illinois), which displayed a commitment to, and the skills for, a successful micro-mold cavity repair solution.

Design & Mfg. Software

Single CAD/CAM System Delivers a Complete Process

Tebis CAD/CAM is a single software system that delivers a complete process from design to finished product with automation, simulation and individual modules.


Machine Monitoring Software Optimizes TK Mold and Engineering’s Productivity

TK Mold and Engineering Inc. President Tom Barr says his company makes more strategic, effective decisions about its day-to-day operations and workforce needs because it uses InFocus software from R.E.R. Software Inc.

Business Strategy

"Common Sense Manufacturing" Concept Drives Efficiencies at Byrne Tool

A 100-percent commitment to Common Sense Manufacturing (CSM) has helped Byrne Tool + Design reduce waste on multiple levels and drive improvements and growth.


Milling and EDM Automation Reshape Summit Tooling’s Mold Operations

Summit Tooling President Dan Martin credits the capability to run unattended machining 24/7 to the partnership that his company built with Makino.

Hard Milling Gives Eden Tool a Competitive Advantage

Hard milling proves to be a strategic advantage for a small mold shop that runs lean and serves the medical device market.

MMT Memories: Giving Back to the Trade

1998 marked more than one proud moment for this journalist and moldmaker’s daughter. 


CNC Gives Moldmaker Greater Reach for Large, Contoured Molds

When building molds ranging in size from 150–5,000 tons, it is important to have CNC equipment that provides both the capacity and the capabilities to achieve accurate, efficient machining on a wide variety of jobs.

Workforce Development

Four European Countries in Three Days

The German Association of Tool and Mould Makers‘ (VDWF) networking event for young entrepreneurs took around 40 moldmakers on a three-day trip around Lake Constance in October 2017 to visit OEMs and innovative mold shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Industry Bids Farewell to Tony Sikorcin, Founder of Craftsman Tool and Mold

On Saturday, October 28, the industry lost a friend and colleague in Tony Sikorcin, founder of Craftsman Tool and Mold. 

A Conversation with SA Engineering

MMT interviews SA Engineering, a company that offers full-service engineering for the development of injection-molded products.

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