Five Keys for Mold Makers' Productivity During a Global Pandemic and Beyond

May 26

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There is no denying that many mold makers are being challenged these days. From employees working remotely to changes in demand patterns and disruptions in supply chains, mold makers must adjust to the new realities imposed by the global pandemic. At the same time, forward-thinking toolmakers can find opportunities for process improvements, with benefits that will last long beyond the current situation. 
Check out this webinar presented by 3D Systems and learn about five things you can do to rise to the challenge, across all aspects of mold design and manufacturing.

Primary Topics:

  • Capture and distribute your company know-how and standards
  • Automate common mold making tasks with software that anticipates your next move

Uri Shakked
Product Manager, Software; 3D Systems
Uri Shakked is a product manager for software solutions for manufacturing at 3D Systems. Working with customers, vendors and partners for the last decades, he has extensive experience of more than 30 years with CAD/CAM and Additive Manufacturing workflows and solutions.