The Dirty Little Secret About Tool Cost

December 03, 2019 |

Today’s cutting tools are not your father’s tools and the toolpath strategies that drive them have also changed drastically. In this session, you’ll discover the dirty little secret about tool cost and how to avoid leaving money on the table. Learn the difference between tool price and cost, and how to evaluate tool life, material removal rates, and cost and performance data to gain a competitive advantage. See how proper cost analysis can open new business opportunities while also increasing productivity and profitability.

Primary Topics:

  • Understand the huge difference between tool price and tool cost
  • Learn how tool cost impacts job profitability
  • Dispel common myths about tool cost savings
  • Why the programmer needs a voice in cutting tool purchases

Stas Mylek
Partnership Program Manager; CNC Software, Inc.
Stas Mylek, has worked at CNC Software, Inc., developers of Mastercam, for over 12 years in the roles of Director of Product Management, Senior Product Marketing, and most recently, as Partnership Program Manager. His attention now focuses on building strategic alliances and partnerships that bring new and emerging technology to the CAD/CAM market.
He has authored many CAM technology articles for manufacturing trade publications, been a frequent trade conference speaker, and has conducted numerous seminars on Dynamic Motion, machining, and cutting tool technologies. A CAD/CAM industry veteran of over 30+ years, he has held positions in Product Management, Business Development, and Sales/Marketing.