We All Have Special Needs

And we must address those needs to be the best we can be.


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I have a seven-year-old son with special needs—Gabriel, and to stay on top of the ever-changing research, technology, treatments and assistance available to help him be the best he can be, my husband and I have to get out of our house and hit the event circuit for the special needs world we entered seven years ago; otherwise, we—and especially our son—will be left behind. The most valuable aspect of each and every event we attend is networking! Meeting other parents and families in the same situation as us, as well as experts in the field.

I think you know where I’m going with all of this (besides wanting to share
a shot of my adorable kid!) … this is not unlike the mold manufacturing
world you are in. In the sense that you have to get out of your shops to stay
on top of the current and changing research, technology, strategies and assistance available to help you, your employees and co-workers be the best they can be, and not be left behind. And the most valuable aspect for you is also
networking—sharing problems and solutions; failures and successes; frustrations
and encouragement with your peers, customers and experts in the field.

And this year’s amerimold—April 13-14 in Chicago—is such an event for you!
Still committed to bringing mold manufacturers, molders and OEMs
under one roof, this year we’ve structured the event to tie together mold
manufacturing and additive manufacturing—two very connected worlds—
through its conferencing, networking and technology showcase. Exhibits
will highlight the latest in CAD/CAM, mold components, hot runners, mold
materials, machine tools, cutting tools, inspection/measurement, surface
treatment and repair, in addition to technologies and trends, such as laser
sintering, 3-D printing, e-manufacturing and design for manufacturing.

Conferences, via a newly-formed conference committee to help with development of the program, involve panel discussions and a how-to series of
roundtables presenting the business and technological aspects of mold manufacturing and additive manufacturing—overall product development.

Panel Discussions will have a moderator and multiple experts, representing
different aspects of panel topics, such as trends in aluminum tooling, how
to revitalize manufacturing, advanced mold machining and automation
technologies/strategies. Roundtables will include one moderator to guide
the discussion and a few qualified experts to lend their expertise as each
discussion unfolds. Subjects include how to take advantage of new business
opportunities, how to best manage your mold “business,” how to tackle workforce development and how to exceed customer expectations.

Note: limited seating for roundtables, so register early! Visit amerimoldexpo.com for full details and to register, and most importantly, put this event on your calendar. I’ll see you there!