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Moldmakers need to work hard to get the attention of both U.S. Government and citizens.


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Save American Manufacturing (SAM) is working hard to get the attention of both the citizens of our country and our elected officials to represent us. We are determined to convince them that the U.S. should not be the dumping grounds for products from cheap manufacturing countries at the expense of American jobs and our American standard of living.

SAM does not have the resources of the Fortune 500 companies with which to influence legislators, but we can write and call our legislators and tell them the present trade policies are not working for America, and remind them that we are the voters they are supposed to be representing!

We urge everyone to tell their legislators that they cannot vote for candidates who support selling out America's workers. In addition, ask them how they expect our country to survive laying off millions of workers from good paying manufacturing and high-tech jobs, who will need government support, and the closing of thousands of plants that helped support thousands of communities both small and large. How will federal and state governments replace the huge loss of tax revenue that is already plaguing the nation? Demand that they support enforcing the rules of international trade and oppose unfair trade deals that further weaken the U.S. economy.

Visit the SAM website at WWW.SAM-USA.ORG and, if you agree, register as a SAM supporter. Becoming a SAMMER costs you nothing and could help save your job.

In addition, watch for the SAM Legislative Scoreboard, which will debut here, in MoldMaking Technology. SAM is rating our federal legislators according to how supportive they are of U.S. manufacturing. We are keeping American voters aware of the work their representatives and senators are doing to help save our industry. The Legislative Scoreboard will be updated periodically to reflect as accurately as possible those politicians who are worthy of our votes in the 2004 election.

When it comes down to it, our government has made it very convenient for the OEMs to outsource to other countries. This no longer pertains just to manufacturing, but also now includes high-tech service industries.

How do we fight to keep our jobs and the living standards we have worked so hard to achieve for 225 years? If we can avoid purchasing at least some of the products made offshore, we will have taken a step toward slowing down this economic war and the carnage of lost jobs Americans have been suffering. There are several websites that carry only American-made products, one of which is www.BuyAmerican.com. There is a link to this and other websites from the www.SAM-USA.org website.

Alan Petrucci
President of B A Die Mold, Inc. (Aurora, IL)