Save American Manufacturing: We're on Our Way

Number of SAM members grow as word gets out about organization.


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A great deal has happened with the Save American Manufacturing (SAM) initiative in the last month. SAM chapters now number sixteen, the latest of which is in southern California. We are still seeking to start a chapter in northern California and all other states where one does not already exist. Log onto the new SAM website to see if your state is present; if it is not, you might consider starting your own chapter. Anyone who is interested should contact us through the website. The following is a list of SAM's latest activities:

  • We have incorporated SAM as a 501(c)6 lobbying organization and we are trade marking the name Save American Manufacturing (SAM) U.S.A.


  • SAM is stepping up its momentum, keeping the 2004 election in focus. Some of the tactics we plan to use include securing full-page ads in trade publications, such as MoldMaking Technology, to shed light on those legislators most supportive of U.S. manufacturing. We will be working harder to place news stories in regional publications and in mainstream electronic media. We also will be placing articles in widely read business magazines such as Business Week, Forbes, NewsWeek and others. SAM will be lobbying harder in Washington D.C. and fundraising to help cover expenses.


  • We have an informative, user-friendly website that is constantly being updated.


  • The nine original AMBA Chicago SAM founders continue to volunteer their time and resources to manage the initiative, along with three additional directors; two of them are from outside the moldmaking sector.


  • We are focusing on organizing or joining political rallies as well as attending town hall and Chamber of Commerce meetings.


  • We are in contact with several trade organizations to exchange ideas and work together. In fact, we are regularly hearing from organizations that represent all sectors of manufacturing. They are sending speakers to introduce SAM to their members and signing onto our movement.


  • We are participating in trade shows across the country to spread the word and gain support for SAM.

We are all well aware what is at stake-our standard of living, our jobs and our industry's existence. If we do not unite and force changes in the current trade policies, all of this and more will be gone.

SAM has already run an ad, generously donated by MoldMaking Technology, to raise funds through the sale of T-shirts sporting the American eagle, our name and website. We hope everyone will purchase a shirt (100 percent U.S. made, of course) to help support our endeavors.

We would like to encourage you to look to our website for the voting records of your senators and congress people. Call or write to them; tell them that you belong to SAM and you expect them to do what's right for U.S. manufacturing or suffer the consequences at the polls. By contacting your representatives, you can help that list of supporters grow and Save American Manufacturing.

Don't forget to write to the legislators that support our industry and thank them for helping to save our jobs and our industry.

Finally, on behalf of all SAMMERS, I would like to thank MoldMaking Technology for its support by donating ad space and publishing our SAM Update articles.

Log onto our new national website and join the movement at www.SAM-USA.org. I urge you to do it today. We need everyone's support and participation!