Portable Temperature Indicator Measures Mold Surface Temperature Quickly, Efficiently


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A portable temperature indicator provides a quick readout of the actual surface temperature at the point of contact on a mold with an accuracy of +/- 2 percent.
Developed by Tempil (South Plainfield, NJ)—a manufacturer of temperature measurement products, including temperature indicating crayons, liquids, labels and sterilization inks—users of the new Estik portable temperature indicator do not need to know the surface material’s emississitivy like infrared technology indicators do. According to Roger Hornberger, General Manager of Tempil, emississitivy varies depending upon grade, surface condition, thickness and shape of material and can affect the accuracy of the temperature readout. “Since the Estik is a contact thermometer, it accurately measures surface temperature without having to adjust for emississitivy.”


How It Works

Hornberger explains that this indicator was designed for a range of critical temperature measurement applications, and incorporates the latest in microthermocouple technology with a bold digital readout to instantly display the surface temperature. “Microthermocouple technology features a thermocouple that is smaller than average without losing the perforce ability of the standard size,” he says, “which provides superior accuracy and consistency of surface temperature measurement on either polished or non-polished surfaces. This occurs by using a bimetallic contact point to transmit heat at a rapid rate to the source that converts it into a digital readout.”

This indicator is easy-to-use and available with a heavy-duty lanyard and nylon holster. Simply press the I/O button on the side of the barrel and touch the point to the work surface, and the temperature will be displayed on the easy-to-read, back-lit digital display on top of the unit. To make multiple measurements, simply press the reset button and move the contact point to another area, and the new temperature will be displayed.



Hornberger notes that the indicator is suitable for metalworking, heat treating, welding, solid stationary surfaces, pipeline construction, oil rig fabrication and industrial maintenance.

“The Estik can help moldmakers maintain proper thicknesses, contours and curves in the final manufacturing of the mold ensuring uniform heating or cooling operations,” Hornberger concludes. “For molders, it is the right tool to verify mold wear and tear based on temperature variation.”