Manufacturing Matters

This new initiative will help you help us to spread the word.


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Gardner Business Media (including MoldMaking Technology, Modern Machine Shop and Plastics Technology) and its partners—The American Mold Builders Association, SPI–The Plastics Industry Association, The Society of Plastics Engineers and Creative Technology Corp.—are committing to educating and promoting current employment opportunities in manufacturing with the Manufacturing Education Video Series, which consists of the following videos and discussion guides:

Volume 1: Does this Teacher Have the Winning Formula? An innovative high school vocational manufacturing program has students engaging in production work for paying customers.

Volume 2: Meet a Manufacturing Engineer. An engineer with GE Aviation describes the work she does and why she finds her field rewarding.

Volume 3: What is it Like to Study Manufacturing? A student project team at a community college illustrates the learning and experience involved in preparing for a manufacturing career. 

The MoldMaking Matters segment of this series consists of two additional videos focused specifically on the moldmaking and plastics industries:

Volume 1: Your Career Can Make a Difference. A team of young manufacturing professionals at NyproMold explains what it takes to make a life-saving medical device, taking viewers through the various steps of the process, explaining their jobs, sharing how they feel about their current careers and helping to dispel many myths about manufacturing along the way.

*NEW Volume 2: Your Road to Success. The latest video in the series is targeted at youth who are considering their career choices, introducing them to numerous people in various roles at six different mold manufacturing facilities. These professionals talk about the opportunities, their careers, responsibilities and rewards, and the fulfillment their jobs provide.

This Manufacturing Education Video Series initiative serves as an aide for growing and training our future workforce. You can help by watching these videos and sharing them in your neck of the woods. To easily view these videos, click on the Videos tab in MoldMaking Technology’s Next Generation Zone at moldmakingtechnology.com/zones/nextgeneration. You can also view them on our YouTube and Google+ channels at youtube.com/c/moldmakingtechnology and google.com/+moldmakingtechnology.

To take it one step further, how about also introducing our future manufacturers to some of our leading success stories in mold manufacturing, namely the Leadtime Leader Award winners? These are the shops of today that will take our next-generation workers into the future. You can check out a video feature on this year’s winners at short.moldmakingtechnology.com/2015lla.

Now get out there and spread the word!