MoldMaking Matters: Your Career Can Make a Difference

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Watch the Video: This recruitment tool highlights careers in moldmaking and is designed to attract the next generation of workers.


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Are you ready to recruit? Check out this new recruitment tool highlighting careers in moldmaking. Our Moldmaking Matters: Your Career Can Make a Difference video produced by Creative Technology serves to help our industry with its No. 1 problem: recruiting the next generation of workers. In this video, a team of young manufacturing professionals at NyproMold explains what it takes to make a life-saving medical device, taking viewers through the various steps of the process, explaining their jobs, sharing how they feel about their current careers, and helping to dispel the many myths of manufacturing along the way.

Video sponsors include MoldMaking Technology, American Mold Builders Association, Society of the Plastics Industry, Mold Making and Mold Design Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers and Project Lead the Way.

Click here to read the Discussion Guide that was produced for teachers to use with their students after viewing the video. 



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