What's Your Profile?

Every shop has a profile, and I'm looking for a few mold manufacturers who would like an opportunity to feature their companies' profiles in the pages of MMT.


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Every shop has one. A profile is basically a summary of what you specialize in, and what you do best. It’s important to know your profile because it’s what helps separate you from competing shops. It’s also just the kind of information you should use to get your company in front of potential customers, and MMT can help!

I’m looking for a few shops to profile. Each month MMT publishes a small but focused feature about a mold manufacturing company. We look for shops large, medium and small—each with a variety of specialized processes, products and/or services that give them a competitive advantage. An MMT profile is one way to tell your story.

To date, MMT has featured several mold builders, including the following:

Concours Mold was our first this year. This Canadian mold manufacturer emphasized its commitment to always use the most advanced machinery and a home-grown ERP system to work efficiently and effectively for customers in the automotive industry. As it turned out, Concours also became MMT’s Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention shop.

Joe Vawter and the team at Injection Mold Inc. were featured in March and they specialize in rapid prototype mold and “quick-delivery” production molds.

CS Tool and Engineering builds traditional thermoset as well as “form and trim” compression molds, and the company has developed a proprietary tooling feature that alleviates an all-too-common issue customers face.

There are many more companies that have been featured in MMT, but these provide great examples of the variety of strengths we feel every moldmaker should share with readers—many of whom could be potential customers.

To get the process started, email me or contact me through this blog if your shop has not been featured yet in MMT, but you would like to put a spotlight on one of your competitive advantages. I’ll get in touch with you and, if all is good, we’ll get started. Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t publish anything that shouldn’t be out there. At MMT, we know how to emphasize a shop’s profile without raising any red flags. I hope to hear from several of you!


  • The Will and the Way to Automate Mold Design

    Persistence and the right technology enabled this automotive toolmaker to give programmers a head start on new projects and dramatically reduce calculation times.

  • Magor Mold: 40 Years and Counting

    Alliances with a medical molding facility and operations overseas allow this producer of high cavitation valve molds for the medical industry to grow and continue thriving.

  • CT scanning: A Differentiating Factor

    NyproMold finds its growth in differentiation—including using CT scanning to look through parts with an accuracy of 5 to 7 microns, obtaining information that can speed the mold manufacturing process.