Tradeshow Tuesday: Products and Popsicle Stick Action Figures

This week, I use a hypothetical scenario in which a maker of wood-based products sells sticks to be used as tongue depressors, popsicle sticks and craft sticks to demonstrate targeted product writing.
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Products and Popsicle Sticks

popsicle sticks in a glass cup

Popsicle sticks courtesy of Simply Art.

To demonstrate the power of targeted product writing, allow me to describe a hypothetical scenario in which a one-woman company sells wood-based products across a variety of markets. We’ll call the company Stacy’s Sticks Inc. Stacy sells her wares primarily to the medical industry (tongue depressors), the frozen treats industry (popsicle sticks) and the craft industry (picture frames, camp crafts like action figure popsicle sticks, etc.). To advertise her sticks, Stacy considers sending this product description to magazines her prospective buyers read in all three industries.

Stacy could send this one. She’d only have to write one, and the description above accurately describes what she sells. Or, she could take the time to write a unique description tailored to exact needs in the industries where her product is a suitable solution. Her three descriptions could look like this:

Do you see the difference?