This Could be the Most Valuable Hour of Your Work Day!



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Thankfully I am hearing from our readers that mold manufacturers are extremely busy these days! Work is coming back to the United States and shops are hopping. That said, it still important to keep up with ever-changing technology, and I believe webinars are a valuable way to do just that.
Last week I moderated a webinar on: “The Real Time Information Revolution: Coming to a Tool Shop Near You.” It was presented by Wendy Wlozsek and Larry Housel of Industrial Mold & Machine, and sponsored by Cimatron. Wendy and Larry discussed how the company has implemented iPads at the workplace to not only build an internal social network but to track work on the shop floor. The amount of questions typed in by attendees was amazing. For one hour, lessons were learned, best practices were shared—and attendees walked away with much food for thought. And, they didn’t have to leave their offices to do so! Read trade journals and visit magazine and industry association websites to see what webinars may suit your needs!