Tapping into the Energy/Environmental Markets

The energy/environmental markets are broad and burgeoning for Mack Molding.


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The energy/environmental markets are broad and burgeoning for Mack Molding, according to Director of Communications Julie Horst. The company breaks it down into two categories—alternative energy sources and products that preserve and maximize energy. Applications in both categories typically require engineering resins that can withstand harsh conditions in terms of temperature, corrosion, wear, strength, stability and/or chemical resistance, she explains.
Horst says applications in these industries include:
•             Stationary batteries -- Mack has become a recognized leader with over 50 years of industry experience that includes molding, annealing, testing and silk screening.
•             Solar-powered trash compactors -- an array of Mack's services are called into action, including injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, supply management of 130 unique components, and full-product manufacturing.
•             Components in ENERGY STAR® Efficient appliances; flooring products made with up to 100 percent recycled content; and furnishings molded from recycled plastic bottles.
“As only the third manufacturer in Vermont to earn the state's Environmental Leader designation, Mack not only helps other companies develop environmentally friendly products, but follows environmentally sustainable practices itself,” Horst says. “Our Southern Operations has been certified to ISO 14001 standards, and the Northern Operations recently earned the state of Vermont's Environmental Leader designation—a classification that distinguishes exemplary environmental management program."