SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Software

A constant challenge when it comes to CAD/CAM software is justifying the need to make a change and then knowing when it is the right time to do so. Check out this slideshow of some of the latest software offerings on the market.


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Understanding your current CAD/CAM capabilities is the first step to seeing if it is still the best fit based on your company's goals. Keep in mind that because moldmaking is design and machining, software proficient at both CAD and CAM is key. You want to move seamlessly from concept to design qualification to mold development and onto production. The right CAD/CAM will dramatically reduce mold design time. Some things to consider are speed, accuracy, feature recognition, 3-D simulation and analysis, complex model preparation and data importation from varied sources, automated setup, in-process measurement and inspection, finishing features and collision detection. Here is a slideshow sampling of the latest software developments on the market.