SAM Update - Onward and Upward

Working with other organizations, fundraising and demonstrations help SAM spread the word.


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SAM-USA continues to work together with other grassroots organizations to raise voter and government awareness of the devastating effects "free trade" is having on our nation's economy and security. The loss of manufacturing jobs now has climbed up to three million, and the Bush Administration does not seem to be slowing its efforts to enact further free trade agreements with more low-wage countries; for example, the U.S. Central America Free Trade Agreement. According to President Bush, its "purpose is to strengthen the economic ties we already have with these nations to reinforce their progress toward economic, political and social reform and to take another step toward completing the Free Trade Area of the Americas." This means that the U.S. is continuing with trade initiatives globally and regionally. SAM-USA is working hard to see this come to an end before it's too late. To that end, SAM-USA is currently launching a fundraising campaign to help pay for billboards that will help to get more exposure to the general public in states where SAM Chapters exist-states with manufacturing regions struggling to survive. SAM-USA wants to encourage people to think about the current candidates up for the presidency and how they voted in terms of free trade agreements in the past, and what their agendas appear to be for the future if they win the office. In addition, SAM-USA is participating in regional demonstrations in front of such businesses as Wal-Mart stores. We also are trying to build a relationship with the NASCAR industry and have been talking with representatives from that business arena. NASCAR fans are very patriotic and we can't think of a better way to spread SAM-USA's message than via that fan base.

And, of course, SAM-USA board member Andrea Pedersen will give a Strategies presentation on "What You Can Do to Help Save American Manufacturing" at MoldMaking Technology magazine's June Moldmaking Expo in Cleveland. It will address the challenging issues facing the moldmaking industry and manufacturing as a whole, the importance of manufacturing to our overall economy and how losing manufacturing threatens our national security. In addition, she will discuss how the government has contributed to the problems in the manufacturing sector, what needs to be done and what SAM is doing. Be sure to register for the session!

Thank you for your continued support!

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