9/1/2009 | 1 MINUTE READ

Post-Processor Pointers

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In addition to the development of CAD/CAM software, it is important not to forget the importance of post-processors, which manage
numerically controlled machines. Without the right post-processor the best CAD/CAM software is of no use; likewise, the most sophisticated machine will not function optimally without the right post-processor.


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Below are some considerations for selecting your software supplier when it comes to the post-processor.

  1. Look for software developers who offer post-processors that are certified by machine tool manufacturers to optimize your manufacturing costs and times.
  2. Also consider software suppliers who are fully aware of the importance of post-processor generation and who have a dedicated internal team to manage this development. This internal team should work very closely with machine tool manufacturers.
  3. The development of high-performance post-processors is not an easy task for any company; therefore, software developers need to collaborate very closely with machine tool manufacturers who will assist them with their profound knowledge of the workings of their machines.
  4. Multi-function machines are getting more and more complex and there is an increasing number of these machines being used, so software developers need to work in very close collaboration with machine tool manufacturers to develop and directly test a post-processor before the customer receives it. Machine tool manufacturers appreciate software developers who generate one post-processor base for its customers around the world.
  5. A post-processor department should write post-processor bases (covering the main machines on the market today), which can be adapted and customized by its agencies. This department develops post-processor bases that will work all over the world. Engineers should customize the post-processors as per the customer’s needs and the exact specifications of the machine.
  6. Experienced engineers on-site and a highly qualified hotline help to ensure an optimized setup and follow-up. Look for software suppliers that offer a permanent hotline service for all customers and resellers. Such a service enables the software supplier to resolve any problem with the installation of a machine and its post-processor at all times, no matter where in the world. This is essential for the customer who invests very heavily in the purchase of a machine tool.


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