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PLASTIPOLIS, the only competitive cluster for plastics engineering in France will be at NPE with a collective pavilion of six exhibiting companies. PLASTIPOLIS gathers more than 300 members including 200 companies, 40 R&D centers and training centers, institutions and partners in France. The “cluster” of companies is currently involved in 80 R&D projects funded for a total of 180 M Euros. It took part in the first European inter-cluster show initiative, Clusterplast in collaboration with 14 other partners from six European countries.

Among the relevant ongoing R&D projects, the IMPRESS project objective is to facilitate the development of new manufacturing routes of micro/nano scale feature manufacturing by implementing a complete technology platform. The platform is based on most advanced facilities divided in 3 modules: patches of hollow micro needles for drug delivery, patterned cell culture slide for genetic analysis and anti-reflecting solar cell housing for photovoltaic modules.

The objective of the COTECH project is to develop examples of micro-manufacturing techniques for electronics or medical applications such as cooling devices for electronic components, smart diagnostic chips and accommodable intra-ocular lenses. PLASTIPOLIS’s primary focus is to foster and support innovation among SME’s and to develop the internationalization of its members’ products, process’s and industry expertise by promoting them in global markets.

With the very first patent for twin-shot technologies registered by Léon Billion in Paris in 1961, Billion has for 50 years been the advanced multi-injection molding specialist. Multi-component expertise, together with the full electric SELECT machine range, are the drivers of Billion’s technology development and its company success. To date, Billion has delivered over 1500 highly specialized machines for complex multi-component molding with 40 SELECT series multi-component machines in the market since 2008.

Billion’s know-how in plastics processing, and in particular multi-injection techniques applied to SELECT machines, are suitable for a great variety of application sectors including: automotive industry, packing/packaging, medical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics, household equipments, sports and leisure.

Established in 1970 Collomb (member of AGP Development Group) designs and manufactures high performance injection moulds for thin wall packaging. The company offers turnkey solutions, from the product design to production start at customer’s factory and after sales service, including a complete process validation in its own test center.

Founded in Oyonnax (French "Plastic Vallée") in 1971, SISE designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of products dedicated to temperature and process control in the plastic injection molding industry. Recently, SISE has taken its savoir-faire internationally with subsidiaries in the United States and Germany (Atlanta, GA and Stuttgart). Additionally, its vast distribution network allows us to be present in over 25 countries worldwide.

With over 40 years of experience, SISE controls from the most detailed technical pieces in the medical and packaging industries, to large, multi-zone sequential molding applications in the automobile sector.  

Corelco, established in 1983 as an extrusion line manufacturer for corrugated tubes and nets will display new developments during the 2012 NPE show. In 1993, Corelco revolutionized the extrusion industry launching the first Pre Wired extrusion line in Europe. At that time electrical ducts were made of PP, matching European standard. Process is now available for rigid PVC as required by UL standard for the production of Pre Wired ENT (Electrical Non-metallic Tubing) for the construction industry. At NPE 2012, Corelco will display a new range of corrugators dedicated for automotive fuel lines, water lines, vapor lines, all automotive fluids transfer hoses. The main features are, in-line thickness control by a sequential running mode, variable chain length and efficient vacuum network allowing to process all types of thermoplastic such as Nylon 6-11-12, Hytrel™, fluoride resins and to fulfil automotive requirements.

DPH International, founded in 1989 is specialized in the study and production of precision molds with1 to 48 cavities (2 tons maximum) for plastic parts such as high performance PEEK, PEI, PPA, PPS, PSU, PES, etc. It has extensive market experience in the medical, cosmetics, automotive, electronics sectors. Molding technologies include multi-material injection, insert over-molding, injection compression, cosmetic parts, micro injection (part of a few milligrams), unscrewing, complex kinematics.

The company can assist in design of plastic parts thanks to its expertise and its equipment (3D design, study rheological, thermal signature of plastic parts and mold by thermal camera, etc.). The company integrate its tools of elements made ​​of 'laser sintering' (hardness 52Hrc) to optimize the productivity of y its tools (reducing up to 40 percent of cycle time) and meeting geometric tolerances and / or tight dimensional of y its plastic parts.

For more than 20 years, SCC provides in France, Europe and North America solutions for the improvement of plastics production (i.e. mixing, extrusion, heating, quenching). We mainly focus on the numerical simulation of industrial processes to improve the productivity of its customers and partners.

At NPE 2012, SCC will showcase a solution dedicated to the productivity improvement of co- rotating twin screw extruders utilizing Ludovic® software. Ludovic® focuses on providing key data about the material behavior during the extrusion process. It also draws a global state of the functioning system to analyze the energy balance..

Through a unique 1D model developed by the CEMEF (a French laboratory specialized in the mechanics of flows), Ludovic® simulates the extrusion process and replaces trials, experiments and screw changes by numerical simulations and virtual experience plans. It allows to improve the productivity (until 100 percent) and the time to market (until 25 percent).