Never Stop Improving

Lowe's commercial inspires and reveals.


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Not only did the theme of this Lowe's commercial inspire me to commit to making some real progress this year on a few home improvements I've been putting off, but it did an incredible job of visually illustrating the complexity of some everyday products that we use in our homes. It actually shows how many parts create one product, and hears to hoping it also helps people realize that products we use everyday don't just appear, they are made! 

For instance, in one segment a door lock is "exploded" to expose the various parts that make up this product. Parts that are essential to the use of this product. Parts we don't even think about. Parts that are designed, machined, molded, stamped, etc. by skilled tradesmen.

I believe this commercial is a great marketing tool for the manufacturing industry. I realize its main objective is to sell viewers on the importance of continuing to improve our homes with upgrades, repairs and maintenance, but it also provides a powerful glimpse into how products come together. Check it out!