Mold Building Services Offers New Value Proposition for Molder

PTI’s acquisition of its primary tooling supplier Polmold strengthens its position as a one-stop contract manufacturing solutions provider.


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Polymer Technologies, Inc. (PTI; Clifton, NJ)—a custom plastic and metal injection molding company that provides contract manufacturing to the aerospace, defense, medical/surgical, automotive, commercial, consumer electronics and dental industries—has acquired its primary tooling supplier Polmold, a Wallington, NJ-based manufacturer and repair shop for injection molds, tools, dies and fixtures. This acquisition will solidify the company’s mission to be a complete solutions provider.

PTI also offers design, engineering and manufacturing services supported by Mold Flow™ analysis. The facility is home to 24 injection molding machines ranging from 38- to 650-ton machines and employs 71. Polmold manufactures precision injection molding tooling for both plastic and metal injection molding (MIM) programs. Additionally, the company has extensive experience in construction and repair of molds for compression and investment castings applications, as well as providing complementary services for associated tools, dies and fixtures.

According to PTI President Neal Goldenberg, this acquisition will strengthen PTI’s position as a “one-stop shop” contract manufacturing solutions provider. Polmold has five CAD/CAM work stations, four CNC machining centers, seven CNC milling machines, two lathe machines, two wire and three sinker EDMs, six grinders and QC inspection equipment to guarantee the quality of the value-added services the company supplies.

Polmold will be moving its operations into the PTI facility within the next month or so. “My testament to Polmold owner Henry Marzec is to recreate his facility in our location—through no small expense—from the type of flooring to high-intensity lighting, that has not only impressed his customers, but is the right environment for the equipment and type of work Polmold does. The cost was higher than we originally thought; however, we are not going to compromise on the facility that it is right for Henry to continue to conduct the operations his customers have come to rely on him for quality and delivery.

The acquisition of Polmold complements PTI’s existing product offering and continues its strategic plan to offer streamlined contract manufacturing services to its customers in the U.S. and internationally Goldenberg notes. “Our vertical integration of this critical technology into our operation will truly make us a complete solutions provider for any engineered injection molding application,” he says.

Polmold was founded by Marzec in the 1980s; and he will assume the role of general manager. PTI retained all of Polmold’s employees. “We are very pleased to join our forces with PTI,” Marzec states. “We still intend to support our existing clients with the same level of quality, workmanship and service for which they have come to rely on us. However, we now offer a new value-proposition. Through utilization of PTI’s injection molding expertise, we can prototype and troubleshoot these tools prior to being shipped to the client. This will significantly reduce the debugging time associated with new tool manufacturing and increase our client’s speed-to-market.”
“The service and quality we both provide will be seamless and unchanged,” Goldenberg adds. “We each have our strengths, and together we are much stronger!”

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