Manufacturing Pays


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A week-long event provided individuals--returning veterans, unemployed individuals or people looking to improve their current employment situation--with the opportunity to learn the basic skills needed for a career in manufacturing.

ATS (Adaptive Technology Solutions) saw tremendous success with their initial ”Manufacturing Pays” event.

Dick Allen, Proprietor of ATS, has been a long supporter of manufacturing. With more than 40 years of experience, he is dedicated to giving back to an industry that has provided him with a career since the age of 17.

“It has been a personal mission of ATS to help give back to the industry that has provided us with many years of success. That is why we are looking forward to a tour of Ohio with this series of training programs to help those individuals who desire a career in manufacturing," says Allen.

Offering this type of event is a great opportunity for ATS to continue helping those who desire a career in manufacturing. Events are planned in the Cincinnati and/or Columbus area in early 2014. In addition, ATS has decided to add a level 2 course for those who completed the initial course. The second course will be a two or three-day class in which attendees will learn how to operate a CNC machine.

Although each attendee had his or her own reason for taking advantage of this free training, they all seemed to have the same thought process as Stephen Cullum, saying, “This free training program gave me the opportunity to gain additional knowledge while expanding on what I already know, helping me secure a local manufacturing job.”