It’s Time to Advertise



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We are into another one of these cycles that the mold building industry goes through. We’ve been through the times of feasting—getting top dollar for the molds we design and build with generous leadtimes. Now we are in the days of struggle.

We all know that well-managed companies will survive. They will come through having learned again the valuable lessons of doing business properly rather than foolishly.

One of those lessons to be learned in lean times—and I’m not referring to your manufacturing principles—is that we need to still be looking for those who need our services.

Marketing ourselves is important. Whether it’s conveying our time-tested core strengths or to get the message out that we are growing into new areas of manufacturing, advertising and being a part of our industry is more important than ever.

With the focus on overseas competition, seeing companies come back to the States with their projects and us wanting to wave the “Made in USA” banner high, we should all be focusing on how we are getting this message out.

Whether it’s placing ads in our different trade magazines, joining trade organizations or attending trade shows to make new contacts as well as keeping our current contacts fresh, we need to be active.

The days are gone where just word of mouth will keep the steel coming in, the mills going, the lathes turning and EDM burning. We need to focus on seeing ourselves as not only craftsmen, but American craftsmen.

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