It’s About What You Do With What You Have

What is a Leadtime Leader?  A company that performs beyond the status quo using any and all resources available to it.  It’s not about being the biggest, most fancy shop. It’s about working smarter and with a passion for what you do.


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Winning the Leadtime Leader Award was the culmination of a long journey. Receiving recognition from industry peers is particularly gratifying as they understand how hard it is to be the best of the best. It is one thing to think you are good, but having MMT acknowledge it has made both me and my team very proud. Cavalier embraced our award and used it both internally, as an acknowledgement of our teams efforts, and in all our advertising and marketing. Not only did we receive business, directly related to being named Leadtime Leader, but it helped tremendously in our selling efforts. The value of the accreditation it provided opened many doors previously not accessible to our team. Laying claim to being the ‘best of the best’ helps instill a level of confidence in our marketing team and provided validation to our reputation,” Brian Bendig, President, Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing, 2015 Leadtime Leader Award Winner and 2017 Best Boss Biz X Award

Each year, the moldmaking industry recognizes outstanding performance and innovation with Moldmaking Technology’s, Leadtime Leader Award.

Leadtime is the culmination of the entire mold manufacturing process. A quality mold delivered on-time, is the result of a team of professionals working together from sales, design and manufacturing to validation, delivery and support. Whether your company is an industry leader, or aspires to be one, this competition was created to share best practices and recognize companies that are excelling in customer satisfaction, workforce development, industry involvement, continual improvement, business growth, technology employed, competitive advantage, and more.

It’s not just about being the shop with the shortest delivery times. It’s about what you do with what you have.

Read about past winners, get a virtual look inside winning shops, check out the benefits and rewards, learn about the criteria, comb through some FAQs, review the questionnaire, and nominate your shop today!

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