Getting Out of the Shop


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How often do you get out of the shop and invest your time for the company?  It doesn't matter how busy your shop is when it comes to finding time to do the little extras like a seminar or association meeting.  We can plan on attending, but then it seems like we always find an excuse to use that time for something more important.  But how important is it to learn something new or network with your peers?  Does it really benefit your company to get out and attend these things?

I would say it creates value that can be seen by your entire organization.  It’s a great feeling when you bring in a new customer that has been reading about your shop and wants to see what you’re all about.  It shows everyone the value of marketing.  Or when you bring back a best practice that another company has shared and you can apply it to your shop saving time and money.  Or when you meet a vendor at a golf outing and discover he has an idea that can help improve the flow in your CNC department.  The greatest thing about this trade is the people who work in it. I have met some great people who have helped me do my job better and have become great friends.  Friends who I am sure I will be close with for the rest of my life.

So when is the next time you will get out of the shop and network with others?  There are many opportunities for you to learn and network this year, with great trade shows like amerimold in Novi, MI or NPE in Orlando, FL.  Or there's the AMBA convention in Grand Rapids, MI that will be all about benchmarking with your peers.  You could join an organization like AMBA or NTMA that offer many opportunities throughout the year.  Attend a golf outing or chamber meeting.  Remember to take the time to invest in your company and you will reap the benefits.