Free Webinar Looks at Automotive Manufacturing in 2020

Gardner Intelligence columnist Michael Guckes explains what’s next for automakers, manufacturers in a free webinar on December 17th at 11am EST. Register Today!
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If you want to learn what major events will impact the automotive industry in 2020, then listen in on a free webinar on December 17th at 11am EST by Gardner Intelligence and MoldMaking Technology columnist Michael Guckes. The presentation takes a look at what next year may hold in store for automakers and manufacturers.

“A Deep Dive of the Automotive Industry: a 2020 Outlook” will be presented by Guckes, the chief economist and director of analytics for Gardner Intelligence, the parent company of MoldMaking Technology. The webinar will be hosted by Gary Vasilash, editor of Automotive Design & Production. “I’ll explain what Gardner Business Index is telling us about the health of the automotive supply chain,” says Guckes. “I’ll also share what the macroeconomic data tell us about the market.” Guckes has performed economic analysis, modeling and forecasting work for nearly 20 years in a wide range of industries. His column appears in MoldMaking Technology each month and is based on monthly data taken from shop owners and managers in the manufacturing sector.

Visit short.gardnerweb.com/Auto19GI to register for the webinar.