Editorial Guidelines: More Useful Information

MoldMaking Technology welcomes your abstracts and ideas for editorial content. Be sure to read this important information about MoldMaking Technology’s policies on editing and exclusivity, images, submitting .zip files and the review process overall.


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Editing & Exclusivity

MoldMaking Technology will edit any editorial submissions for content and to conform to our style guide. Contributed feature articles must be exclusive to MMT magazine and must not have been published previously in another publication. Prior to submission, make sure that the appropriate company approvals are received. Article ideas can then be discussed with the editor and an outline will follow.


Images should be in .jpg or .tif file formats, with minimum resolution of 300 dpi at a minimum size of 4 × 5 inches. Photographs are also acceptable. All photographic materials must be clear, sharp, in-focus and properly exposed. Captions should be provided for each photograph, and each photograph should be identified.


We also accept raw video in .wmv, .avi, .mov formats and have the capability to add text, narration and other effects. We can also accept and embed videos that have been posted to YouTube or Vemo. Please note, video is most likely to be used when it illustrates a process or teaches a viewer how to do something. Promotional, advertising and corporate profile footage is unlikely to be used.

Compressed (.ZIP) Files

MMT cannot accept .zip files via email. If you need to submit a .zip file, use the file uploader on our publisher’s website available at files.gardnerweb.com.

**Please note that the editorial department cannot guarantee the publication of any articles or press releases received but does offer its expertise to help authors improve their material, increasing their chances for publication.

All article submissions must complete both our internal and Editorial Advisory Board* review process, which could take up to three weeks with the possibility of several re-writes. This is to ensure the best possible editorial for our readership as well as the best representation of your company and its products and services. Please adhere to these guidelines and our article submission deadlines to ensure a speedy and more efficient review process.

The use of photographs, charts, graphs and illustrations is encouraged, as it will help visually enhance the article once published.