Easy Interface on Process Control Monitoring System



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RJG highlighted its advanced process monitoring and control system that is now even simpler to use. At NPE, we saw that the new touch screen friendly eDART interface still enables you to minimize inherent process variation that is common in molding facilities and allows you to produce repeatable parts of superior quality. By controlling the process and implementing part containment you guarantee that no bad parts ship to your customers.

The key advantages of the eDART System are:

·         Digital smart sensors

·         Simplified graphical analysis

·         Minimal set-up time

·         A dramatically reduced learning curve

·         Part containment to ensure no bad parts ship to the customer

·         Faster sample rates, allowing for real time operation

·         A powerful, failsafe operating system

·         Single unit or networking ability

·         The cost of quality is minimized–higher quality in less time