Early Resolution for 2015

To date, industry donations to iWarriors--a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by Tim and Kim Bartz of Mold Craft--have helped to supply more than 260 combat wounded veterans with iPads, so they can keep in touch with friends and loved ones as they recover and rehabilitate. Today they announce the 2015 iWarriors challenge. Can you help them achieve the goal?


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The 2015 iWarriors Challenge is a $678 donation, the value of one gift package. 

MMT jumped at the chance to be a part of iWarriors. My husband even came up with the name! We try to provide as much press and promotion as we can, and share the story of what Kim and Tim have built to help our wounded warriors. We honor their efforts and the support of AMBA members, and all those who donate to this worthy cause.   

According to co-founder Kim Bartz, in 2014 iWarriors not only supported more than 100 individuals, but also a group of Special Ops Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, a PTSD group of Vietnam Vets in Marion, Indiana and six severely injured Marines air lifted to Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany.   

With the help of hospital staff they were able to get iPads in their hands within days, which allowed each of them to keep loved ones informed of their condition early on in their rehabilitation and recovery process. 

Kim has seen firsthand the impact that the iPads have on those hospitalized and recovering as well as recipients attending classes at Workshops for Warriors (WFW) located in San Diego, California. WFW is a vocational training center for veterans interested in pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry. 

It goes to show that donations go a long way in helping our country's true heroes. You can donate online today by clicking here.