DNC Software for Moldmaking Shops

With the larger-sized programs moldmakers use, making sure programs are being run to their full potential should be a top priority, and DNC software can help.


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Here are three common problems found in mold shops that DNC software can help with, according to Shop Floor Automations, Inc..

  1. Simultaneous Communication: NC programs created by CAM packages can be sent from one shop floor PC to hundreds of machines with this type of application. Using DNC software allows you to drip-feed to multiple machines at the same time. With older systems, you might have been limited to only communicating to one machine at a time, but with DNC networking software, it’s like streaming music from different stations/speakers versus just one station. This eliminates the need with older systems to wait for one machine to finish sending before the next one could start.
  1. Network Crashes: There is nothing worse during the file transfer process than when a program has hit its halfway point, a network crash happens, and the part you were making just stops. A server safe option for error-free DNC program transfers even if the network server should crash or fail during DNC communications, included in some DNC software, can help protect against this lost data when it is being drip fed to the machine. In the same realm of sudden disasters, if a tool breaks, then DNC has a mid-tape restart functionality.
  1. Revision Control: Making molds requires larger programs that run for a long amount of time compared to other machining processes. You need to ensure that the parts being made do not need to be scrapped, as the time and material wasted is costly. Running old programs is a big cause of scrap. Having DNC software, alongside a system that enables the “physical” EditLock key switch on a machine tool control to be managed using DNC and PDM software, will help with the overall goal of revision control.