A Little Marketing Goes a Long Way

How do you measure the worth of sharing your story?
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Well, after working with Mold-Tech, Inc. out of Albertville, MN—which won our 2011 Leadtime Leader Awards Competition for Small Shop—I learned how this mold manufacturer  reaped the rewards of putting themselves out there.

Mold-Tech primarily serves the medical, electronics, consumer, automotive and telecommunications markets by manufacturing complex, close tolerance, precision injection molds  (specializing in multi-cavity, hot runner, auto unscrewing, insert, in-mold decorating, micro, metal injection, silicone, shuttle, and multi-shot)  with an average leadtime of six weeks. Additional services include custom wire and sinker EDM, high-speed CNC machining, hard milling, end-of-arm tooling and tool tryout/sampling.



Rebecca Ford, Marketing Coordinator for  Mold-Tech,  explained how winning the Leadtime Leader award got them on the pages of MoldMaking Technology with a feature story that allowed them  to showcase their capabilities and gain exposure on a national level.
Even better she also shared that a local potential client contacted  them requesting a tour of their facility after reading the article on them. Today that potential client became an actual customer!

So, if new business sounds  worth it to you,  then I suggest you look into telling your story—whether that is through your own website, social media, trade shows, mailings, tours, newsletters … or taking advantage of the trade press who are always on the hunt for stories to share to help educate and  inspire the readership.
Despite the many ways to tell your story, Mold-Tech found success through  our annual  Leadtime Leader Awards, which honor outstanding North American mold manufacturers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their moldmaking operations while raising the bar in terms of mold engineering, building, repair and management.

This year marks the Awards 10th anniversary. All it takes to get started is as
simple survey. Kick off your New Year right and nominate your shop today!



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