Putting a Whole New Face on Mold Manufacturing

This year's 2013 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention mold manufacturer exceeds expectations with a team mentality--stemming from its youthful leadership working closely with skilled tradesmen--that sees customers, its sister molding company and industry associations as true partners.
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Micro Mold Company, Inc. (Erie, PA) may have only 20 employees, but its team mentality—instilled by its youthful, well-educated leadership and experienced, skilled tradesmen—yields partnerships with people, processes and promotion that has allowed the company to evolve into a premier custom injection moldmaker specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of highly engineered, tight-tolerance, thermoplastic injection molds as well as the delivery of final products to its customer base.

The owners are extremely confident that Micro Mold is on the right track. “We have always pursued an organic growth strategy throughout the company’s history,” he says. “This growth strategy—coupled with a conservative fiscal management approach — has enabled us to steadily grow during positive economic periods and also effectively weather economic slowdowns.”

The company will continue to make significant capital investments in the form new equipment and moldmaking technology, as well as human capital investments in the form of new employees, internal and external training, and other staff development. The company budgeted more than $1 million for capital purchases this year—and has targeted new hires in multiple departments to support the growth at both companies.