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How to Use Flushing to Clean Cooling Passages and Heat Exchangers
Six key questions to ask before investing in a flushing system.

Amerimold Connects Product Showcase, Part 1
Plan ahead for Amerimold Connects with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from Roth Mold + Automation Inc., Grob Systems Inc., Ellwood Specialty Steel Co., iD Additives, Inc. , Haimer USA and Progressive Components.

Amerimold Connects Kicks off with Tool Shop Live Demo of a High-Level Hot Runner Mold PM
The reason we are kicking off the event with this topic is because at the heart of making things is the mold, and since the mold impacts every link in the supply chain—OEM/brand owner toolrooms, molding facilities and mold building shops—mold maintenance is vital. So we felt it’s only appropriate to kick off this event with a “virtual” hands-on look at a proper hot runner preventative maintenance routine.

Pump/Filter System Provides Fast, Eco-Friendly Rust Removal

Pump/Filter System Provides Fast, Eco-Friendly Rust Removal
iD Additives, Inc. introduces the newest addition to its Eco-Pro 360 line of rust removal and preventative products.

ultrasonic tank

How to Maintain Additive Tooling
Implementing additive tooling into a mold can be a daunting task, but maintaining it over the life of the tool can be straight-up scary. Here are three steps to include in your maintenance plan.

Connect & Learn at Molding 2020

Connect & Learn at Molding 2020
With Molding 2020 only a couple weeks away, catch up on who will be attending and what you can learn from this educational conference.

Noteworthy News: Teaming Up

Noteworthy News: Teaming Up
Catch up on the latest business partnerships within the moldmaking community from Hurco Companies, Inc., iD Additives, Inc., PCS Company, RJG and HRSflow.

Noteworthy News: Weekly Wrap-Up

Noteworthy News: Weekly Wrap-Up
There’s always something interesting going on in the moldmaking industry. See the recent news releases below from iD Additives, Ingersoll Machine Tools, RJG, and more to see current happenings for this week!

iD Additives Names PCS Company Exclusive Distributor

iD Additives Names PCS Company Exclusive Distributor
iD Additives, Inc. has named PCS Company of Fraser, Michigan, as its exclusive distributor to injection molders and moldmakers in the U.S.A. for its iD Eco-Pro 360 rust removal systems.

iD Additives Open House Demonstrated Rust Remover Product

iD Additives Open House Demonstrated Rust Remover Product
iD Additives hosted its first open house for its rust remover/preventative, iD Eco-Pro 360.

iD Additives to Host Open House
iD Additives, Inc. announced it will hold an open house Friday, October 11, 10 am — 3 pm CST, at its warehouse in Aurora, IL.

iD Additives' Eco Pro 360 removes rust quickly and safely.

Tooling: ‘Eco-Friendly’ Rust Remover & Preventative
Water-based product from iD Additives removes rust and prevents its formation.

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